We love the opportunity to help our customers and whilst we’ve tried to pack as much information onto our website we know that each customer is individual and may have their own questions for their requirements. If you cannot find the information that you are looking for in our product pages or below then please do not hesitate to contact us via one of the methods in the contact us section of this website.

How much is delivery?

Standard delivery to UK mainland destinations is included in all prices shown. All other delivery requirements (2 day delivery, specific time slot, Saturday etc.) will incur an additional charge (see information on additional delivery options for pricing) .

Free standard delivery is a palletised delivery service to kerbside only (or location close to the delivery lorry that is accessible using a hand pallet truck).

Please ensure you are able to move the bench, or have someone to help you move it to your desired location on the day of delivery. Removal of the bench from the pallet and disposal of the pallet is the responsibility of the customer.

What is standard delivery?

Standard delivery is a delivery 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday and you should expect to receive your bench 5 working days from an order being placed (for non engraved benches) or 5 working days from customer approval of bench or plaque engraving.

Single unassembled benches will normally be delivered by Tuffnells.

Assembled benches or an order with multiple unassembled benches will normally be delivered on a pallet(s) by our pallet courier partner network. The courier partner network Palletforce uses a range local organisations to complete the customer delivery of the items.

Can I have a specific delivery day and time on standard delivery?

It is possible to request a specific delivery date (Monday to Friday) on a standard delivery, just call or email the requirements to our customer services team on 0118 3344 880 or hello@engravedbench.co.uk. Standard deliveries will take place between 9am and 5pm on the day of delivery.

It is possible to request an AM or PM delivery slot but there is an additional charge for this which is £15, please just call or email the requirements to our customer services team on 0118 3344 880 or hello@engravedbench.co.ukwho will make the arrangements and process the additional payment.

Do I need to be available to sign for my delivery?

We do strongly recommend that you or someone on your behalf is available to accept delivery of the bench. Whilst we do not anticipate any issues, we or the delivery company cannot be responsible for the condition of the bench if it has been delivered and not checked or signed for by you or someone on your behalf.

If you really are unable to be present for the delivery then please let us know along with your consent for the delivery to left without signature and we will advise the courier partner to leave it without this.

What is the delivery and communication process ?

Once an order has been received the following process will be followed;

Order Preparation Process

  1. You will receive an automatic email order confirmation. If not received please quickly check your junk mail folder before contacting us to resend it for your records.

  2. The order will be processed by our customer services team.

  3. If a plaque or bench engraving has been requested then our trained engraving team will create a mock-up of the requested engraving. If no engraving has been requested then the despatch process will begin.

  4. The engraving mock up will be sent via email for your approval. Once email approval of a mock up has been recieved then the order will proceed to the despatch process.

Despatch Process

  1. Your bench will be picked and quality checked before being personalised to your order requirements and prepared by our skilled and experienced team.

  2. Your bench will be securely packed and despatched.

  3. You will receive a despatch notification once your order has left our warehouse.

Delivery Process

  1. Our courier will contact you by phone around 3 days after despatch to confirm a delivery day with you.

  2. If there are any questions or issues with the delivery of an item then please do not hesitate to contact us immediately.

Please note that if your delivery is on a pallet (assembled bench or multiple items) then the pallet will be delivered to kerbside only and the driver is not permitted to assist you in getting your bench to another specific location. You should arrange for someone to assist you to move the bench to be taken to a specific location or contact us when your order is placed to see if a specialist delivery team can be arranged.

The driver is not obliged to take the pallet away with him and whilst you are welcome to ask them to do this at the point of delivery there may be circumstances that mean they are unable to take it. If this is the case then due to general demand, most pallets will be taken away if left in visible location near a roadside or they can be disposed of at most local civic amenity sites.

What other delivery options are available?

Engravedbench.co.uk is pleased to be able to offer the following delivery upgrade options to our standard delivery service. At this time all payments for delivery upgrades will need to made with our customer services team, therefore please call us to place your order over the phone, or place your order online and let us know your upgrade requirements so that we can call you to process it;

Expedited Delivery (2 day delivery to UK mainland, excl, Scottish Island) - £20.00

AM or PM Delivery Window - £15.00

Europe - £Please Call

NI & Scottish Islands - £Please Call

Channel Islands - £Please Call

What assembly is required if I ordered an unassembled bench?

We have worked with our supplier to create strong solid teak benches that can still be easily assembled by customers if preferred. Each bench will arrive with only 4 core components that will be required to be assembled to create your bench;

  1. Left arm side
  2. Right arm side
  3. Back
  4. Seat

A fixings pack is provided containing all required dowels (14-16 depending upon Bench), screws (not required for oval back bench).

All you need to provide is a hammer (to tap the dowels in), a screwdriver (to fix in the screws for added strength for the seat), a small saw (to cut off any dowel ends) and some sandpaper to smooth over the dowels and gently remove the small fixing labels.

Assembly overview

  1. The joints that fit together are clearly marked using small labels that are easily removed once assembled. It is recommended that assembly is completed by 2 persons.
  2. Start by placing one of the side arms flat on the floor and slot the back section into the arm.
  3. Slot the seat section into the same arm so that now both back and seat section are vertical from the floor.
  4. Slot the remaining side arm section into the back and seat joints.
  5. Carefully turn the bench from resting on one side to resting on its feet in the correct ‘bench position’.
  6. Fix the joints together by gently tapping in a dowel into the available holes. Please tap the dowels in firmly but without splitting them to leave approx. 10mm showing. Cut off approx. 5mm of the dowel and tap in the remainder of the dowel.
  7. Repeat this step for both dowels in each joint and once completed lightly sand the area around the dowel to a smooth finish.

What are my plaque engraving options?

We offer engraving onto a 5 x 2” brass or steel coloured plaque as standard in all plaque engraving prices shown on engravedbench.co.uk. Also included is the engraving of your choice onto the plaque. We haven’t come across an engraving yet that is too long or inappropriate, but we reserve the right to advise of an engraving amendment in either of these cases before proceeding with your order.

We will provide you with a mock up of your plaque engraving in both plaque colours so you can just let us know which one you prefer when you provide your approval to proceed.

If you require a different plaque to those that we include as standard then simply let us know and we will advise of additional costs associated with your requirements before proceeding.

Why is there a maximum length of engraving?

We want to deliver a quality product with a quality engraving. We have found from our experience that engravings that are too long may not provide the level of quality and clarity that we or our customers would be happy with therefore we have put in place a maximum length depending upon bench size. However if you have a particular engraving in mind that is over the maximum then just get in contact and we will advise on how best to achieve this. The recommended maximum characters for the engravings for most bench size are as follows;

2 seater / 120cm Bench = 35 characters (including spaces)

3 seater / 150cm Bench = 45 characters (including spaces)

4 seater / 180cm Bench = 55 characters (including spaces)

Please also note that engraving onto a Banana Bench will only be done onto the front seat rail and not the curved back rail in order to guarantee the quality of finish that we would expect.

Our recommended character limit for an engraved plaque is 85 characters. Plaques cannot be installed onto banana benches.

What happens if I order an assembled bench or multiple benches?

If you order an assembled bench or multiple items then for safety of the items we will despatch these on a pallet. There are some key points of note for deliveries that are made on a pallet;

  1. Delivery is to kerbside only. This means that if you need your items taken to a specific location then you should arrange for someone to assist you with this (unless you have paid for a specialised delivery team).
  2. The driver is not obliged to take the pallet away. Whilst pallets are generally quite sought after the delivery route planning often means that drivers are unable to take the pallet back with them (and particularly if the bench(es) cannot be taken off the pallet straight away by yourself). You can ask the driver if they can take it but please do not be offended if they cannot. They may be able to request for collection by another van at another time but we often advise that if the pallet is left in a prominent roadside position then this will be a far quicker way to have it removed (particularly if you pop a little note on it). Pallets can also be taken to most local civic amenity sites.

How do you provide an engraved plaque or a bench engraving with an unassembled bench?

If you order an engraved plaque or an engraving on your bench then we will unpack your bench, affix the plaque or complete the wood engraving before re-packaging it for despatch. Unpacking your bench is part of our standard quality control processes before despatch of it.

What wood are the benches made from?

All the benches on EngravedBench.co.uk are made from FLEGT certified Indonesian teak. We have worked with our supplier of teak for over 6 years and are constantly refining and seeking improvements to our already excellent range.

All wood has natural oils which protect the tree. Teak, however, can retain these oils and its rubber even after being felled and processed. Because of this, teak has greater naturally weather-resistant properties than just about any other type of wood.

The oils also protect the wood from dry rot, which is a common problem in older wooden furniture. All of this makes teak a perfect material for outdoor furniture which as it weathers over time means the teak wood goes from a honey brown colour to a slivery grey.

What is FLEGT certification and why is it important?

FLEGT stands for "Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade". This EU initiative aims to reduce illegal logging by strengthening sustainable and legal forest management, improving governance and promoting trade in legally produced timber. Countries around the world are acting to combat illegal logging and foster good forest governance.

More details can be found via this linkhttp://www.euflegt.efi.int/what-is-flegt

All timber that we import to create our furniture comes with FLEGT certification, which guarantees that the timber is from sustainably sourced plantations, is harvested legally and ethically.

What is SVLK?

SVLK (Sistem Verificasi Legalitas Kayu) is the acronym of Indonesia’s national timber legality assurance system, which is a mandatory legality and sustainability certification system built on a national multistakeholder consensus.

Is SVLK enough to prove the legality of the wood?

Yes. Under Indonesian law, SVLK certification and related documents constitute proof of legality for Indonesian timber products. Since FLEGT licensing commenced in Indonesia, FLEGT-licensed products from the SVLK will be considered compliant with the EU Timber Regulation requirements.

Who do I contact if I have any questions about my bench after it has been delivered?

If you have any questions during or after the delivery of your engraved bench then please do not hesitate to contact our customer services team via one of the methods on our ‘contact us’ page.

Can I return my bench after it has been delivered and receive a refund?

Unfortunately its not possible to return and receive a refund on a bench that has been personalised with an engraving, plaque or treatment which is why we try to avoid any such concerns by providing product images on our website and mock-ups during the order confirmation process.

If there has been an error in what has been despatched versus what was ordered then please contact us immediately and we will rectify this.

In the unusual situation that there has been damage to a bench during transit then please contact us immediately and we will rectify this, which if necessary will include providing a full replacement. You will be likely to be asked to provide images of the damage or areas of concern to assist us with taking the right course of action.

If you have any other concerns regarding your bench after it has been delivered then please contact us straight away so that we can assist you.

If you have ordered a bench that has not been personalised then it is possible to return it within 30 days in an unused state and receive a refund. The refund provided will be your order value less the cost of returning the item.

For an unassembled bench the cost of returning an item is typically £20 and for an assembled bench it is £50.

Please ensure that the bench is protected for transit and clearly labelled as EngravedBench.co.uk are not responsible for any item in transit that is being returned. A refund will be issued after the bench has been received back in our warehouse and checked. This is typically 10 working days after collection from you.

Who will deliver my bench?

In order to provide UK delivery coverage EngravedBench.co.uk uses a national network of courier partners.

All benches are currently being despatched using our pallet courier, Palletforce.

Your bench will arrive on a pallet. The palletised delivery service is to kerbside only (or location close to the delivery lorry that is accessible using a hand pallet truck).

Please ensure you are able to move the bench, or have someone to help you move it to your desired location on the day of delivery.

Removal of the bench from the pallet and disposal of the pallet is the responsibility of the customer.

If you require a different delivery service then please speak to a member of our team who will be happy to advise.

How should I care for my bench?

Teak has greater naturally weather-resistant properties than just about any other type of wood, however it is still a natural product and each bench will have its own characteristics and reactions to the UK climate. All of our benches are stored in the UK and have a light post manufacture treatment applied but this is not a long term treatment, therefore the question of how to provide after care for a bench is really one of personal preference so here are some of the options.

  1. Don’t treat it – As already mentioned teak is one of the best woods to use for outdoor furniture. It’s natural properties will enable the bench to last for many more years than comparative non teak products. The bench will go silver/grey over time and you can clean off most markings and algae using a power washer or using light sandpaper. The bench will move, open and close grains as it reacts to its environment so don’t worry if a few of these natural cracks appear.
  2. Treat it – Treating your teak bench will give the natural properties an extra protective boost, sealing grains, limiting natural movement / openings and provide a longer term colour to your bench. If you are going to treat it we would recommend doing so 1-2 weeks after delivery and when the bench is dry.

We recommend the use of a breathable teak sealant such as Burgess oil (used on boats and available from EngravedBench.co.uk) but there are many options available. We do not recommend the use of varnish on teak benches. Once treated you can maintain regular treatment (annually in the case of Burgess oil) or allow the bench to naturally develop it’s silver / grey colouring.

3. Cover it – Whichever option you choose from above, you can also cover your bench. However similar with the choice of treatment ensure that you choose the right cover, such as a breathable cover. Plastic non breathable covers will trap moisture and increase the likelihood of blemishes and increase the rate of degradation of your bench. Breathable covers such as Aerocover are available from EngravedBench.co.uk are ideal.

Factors to consider for bench treatment;

  • How close are you to an environment that will provide additional weathering impact to the bench? E.g. near the sea.
  • How heavy do you expect the usage of the bench to be?
  • Will the bench be used in areas where food and drink may be split upon it and are you concerned about the potential for marks from that?
  • How frequently do I want to treat my bench?

What Quality Commitments do EngravedBench.co.uk provide?

EngravedBench.co.uk wants to ensure that our customers have complete confidence in purchasing a beautiful engraved teak bench from EngravedBench.co.uk which is why we are pleased to provide the following commitments;

  • All benches are prepared and quality checked by our warehouse team before they are despatched.
  • Return and full refund (less return charge) for all unused non personalised orders within 30 days of delivery.
  • Immediate, no quibble replacement bench for any bench damaged during transit to customer.
  • Extended replacement protection for any bench that suffers a natural fault in the wood that results in a structural weakening of the bench within 1 year of delivery.

Extended replacement protection only applies to non-treated benches, or benches treated by EngravedBench.co.uk prior to despatch. Fault must not have been caused or contributed to by misuse or action taken to bench that may have weakened it.

I need to securely fix my bench, what do you recommend?

Secure fixings (or bench anchors) vary depending upon the ground that you need to fix your bench into. The typical fixings available are for soft ground, concrete or paving surfaces.

EngravedBench.co.uk will be adding bench anchors for purchase directly from our website but in the meantime anchor kits are widely available from Amazon, hardware or DIY stores for around £60.

Is engravedbench.co.uk operating during COVID restrictions?

January 2021 Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction remains our highest priority. Despite the current tiers our team will be back to work from Monday 4th January. We will be working to safe protocols and processes to support our customers. Order to delivery times remain at 7-10 days as standard but if you have any specific delivery requirements please do not hesitate to contact our team. If you placed an order between 5th December to 4th January we will be in contact regarding the next steps for your order by 5th January. If you do have any questions then please do not hesitate to get in contact.

Why are delivery times longer than normal

There are a number of factors affecting order to delivery times at the moment. These include changes to working practices in our warehouse, volume of orders and a high level of congestion in the UK delivery network, and particularly with pallet deliveries. We understand that an engraved bench is often required to mark a special ocassion and date, and therefore in order to ensure customers requirements are met we have extended the expected order to delivery timeframe during this period to accomodate these factors. If you have a specific timeframe for an engraved bench delivery and wish to discuss this with us then we would be happy to see if this is something that we can support with

What does placing a bench pre order mean?

We only seek to make available benches on our website that we have in stock in our warehouse. This enables us to support customers with realistic timeframes and known stock availability. Due to the global shipping challenges we do not currently have as much of our range in stock in our warehouse as we would like, but it is on it's way. If a customer would like to order a particular bench style or size that is due into our warehouse in the future then we call this a pre order. Payment is made for the bench and any engraving requirements are agreed as normal. A pre order gaurantees allocation from our incoming stock which we will prepare and despatch automatically. Please note that all dates provided for incoming stocks are best estimates based upon information provided to us and we cannot gaurantee any specific delivery timeframe until the stock is in our warehouse and under our control.